Who’s Who in the Hunt Lab

Dr Edmund Hunt aims to build swarms of robots that can deliver useful performance for human users, especially in environmental monitoring applications. Since 2021, he has been a Royal Academy of Engineering Research Fellow. His 2016 PhD in complexity sciences (which received a Faculty of Sciences Commendation) was focused on collective animal behaviour. This is the real-world foundation for swarm engineering, and for us bioinspiration is second nature.

Further information is available on Dr Hunt’s Bristol University webpage.

Postdoctoral Researchers

Nicola Webb

‘HuRST’ team (see EPSRC page)




PhD students

Dawood Basharat

Co-Supervisor: Dr Helmut Hauser

James Ward

Co-Supervisor: Dr Ryan McConville

Gjosse Zijlstra

Co-Supervisor: Prof Karen Aplin

Zachary Madin

Co-Supervisor: Prof Jonathan Lawry

Connor York

Co-Supervisor: Dr Paul O’Dowd


Masters students

Alex Bott

MEng Engineering Mathematics

Co-Supervisor: James Ward

Jay Hamill

MScR Robotics

Co-Supervisor: Dr Paul O’Dowd

Past students


Bashayer Alahmadi (MSc Robotics)


Will Paterson (MEng Engineering Mathematics), Courtney Hu (MSc Robotics), Houlin Qi (MSc Robotics), James Fielding* (MSc Robotics)


Aswath Ganesan Indra (MSc Robotics), Mohanned Shahin (MSc Shahin), Conor Cullen* (MEng Engineering Mathematics), 


Imogen Taylor* (MSc Engineering Mathematics), George Jenkinson* (MSc Robotics), Qi Su (MSc Robotics), Xinyu Zhu (MSc Robotics)


Taegyun Ha* (MSc Robotics)

*Dr Sabine Hauert co-supervisor